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What is the thing that is rustling inside of me?

The story of a young bride-to-be who was finalizing the details for her upcoming wedding. With only a few weeks left, everything was nearly ready: the church was booked, the reception paid for, and the invitations long sent out. However, there was one crucial element still missing—her wedding dress. Despite visiting multiple dressmakers in the city, she couldn’t find anyone who understood her specific request.

Each time, she asked the dressmakers the same thing: “I need a dress that makes a rustling noise every time I move.” Yet none of them could fulfill this peculiar demand. Finally, she approached the last dressmaker she knew. “I need a wedding dress that rustles every time I move,” she explained.

The dressmaker replied, “I can make that for you if that’s what you truly want. It will be heavy, uncomfortable, and not very pretty, but it will rustle.”

“That’s exactly what I want,” she said. “It doesn’t need to be beautiful or comfortable, but it must rustle every time I move.” Agreeing to her request, the dressmaker couldn’t help but ask, “But why? On such an important day, why would you choose a dress that’s uncomfortable and not particularly attractive just to make it rustle?”

The young woman smiled and explained, “My fiancé is blind. I need him to hear me, to know I am there by his side throughout the entire ceremony. The rustling of the dress will assure him of my presence.”

So here’s a question for you: What is it in your life that “rustles,” something that constantly reminds you of God’s presence, even though we cannot see Him? What is the sound or sign that assures you He is always standing beside you throughout the ceremony of life?

It is Holy Spirit, who is in you but constantly reminds you what to do or where to go. Unfortunately, most of us neutralise or ignore the Holy Spirit. After all, that’s the whole point of the resurrection. It’s God lifting us up on our feet again. That’s what the Spirit looks like, because the Spirit is the one who comes and defends and rescues and comforts. This Pentecost, let us reignite the Holy Spirit within us, allowing His presence to lead and sustain us once more.

Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Thomas Mani (87), George Kakkassery (75) Thomas Chummar (81) P V Varghese Punnackapadavil (88)

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Fr Abin Kochupurakal
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Fr Abin Kochupurakal