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Reflect and Renew: Lenten Retreat 2024

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“I abide in him”, ought to walk just as he walked 1 John 2/6

As we prepare for the Grand Mission 2024 retreat, we are called to withdraw from our usual activities and dedicate ourselves to a deeper connection with God. This retreat offers us a precious opportunity to renew our spirits and fortify our faith. It is a time for introspection, prayer, and fasting, where we step back from the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules to devote more time to God.

On March 9th and 10th, our entire mission will come together in prayer. Let us seize this moment to strengthen our relationship with God and reaffirm our commitment to His path. As we immerse ourselves in His presence, may we find guidance, solace, and inspiration to carry out His will in our lives? Let’s find His ways and walk with Him.

Ultimately, the goal is to emerge from the retreat renewed, refreshed, and recommitted to walking in the footsteps of Christ. It’s about embodying His love, compassion, and grace in our daily lives, thereby fulfilling the mandate laid out in 1 John 2:6.

Fr, Abin’s Diary
03/03/24Malayalam mass@ Guildford 5.00 pm
Catechism classes from 11.30-12.45 pm @Knaphill
(No Holy Mass due to some prior church bookings)
09/03/24Grand Mission Retreat@Old dean church 08.30-01.30 pm
10/03/24Grand Mission Retreat@Old dean church 09.00-05.00 pm
17/03/24Malayalam mass@knaphill 03.30 pm
23/03/24Malayalam mass@Frimley 10.00 am
March 2024Please book for house blessing

Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Thomas Mani (87), George Kakkassery (75) Thomas Chummar (81)

Upcoming events:

Grandmission schedule
Easter schedule
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Fr Abin Kochupurakal
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Fr Abin Kochupurakal

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