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Prayer and Hospitality during Lent

When he was a young man, Benedict moved from the little mountain town where he grew up to get an education in the very big city of Rome. Benedict hated Rome. When he left, instead of returning to his family in Nursia, he headed for Subiaco, another mountain town. Benedict found a suitable cave in the mountains above town and lived there as a hermit for three years. Seeking God through fasting, praying and penance. A monastic community formed around him, and it wasn’t long before there were twelve small communities across the mountains, all over seen by Saint Benedict. The primary work of the monastic community is-to pray for the world; however Benedict made hospitality as a close second.

The story of Mary and Martha is a parable about solitude and hospitality. When Jesus came to their home, Martha kept busy while Mary sat with him, listening to him. Certainly, guests appreciate a hot meal and a clean house, but Martha didn’t ever come sit down and talk with her guest- a guest who wouldn’t be around long.

As you sit in a crowded place this week, remember Saint Benedict. The purpose of solitude is to encounter God and grow in compassion and hospitality for others. We should practice this quietness, while we are in a crowd. Shut down the whole world around you, practice to be with Jesus Christ.

The Lent season reminds us of the importance of prayer and penance. Ultimately, the practice of solitude, prayer, and penance during Lent is about being with Jesus Christ. Lent calls Christians to journey with Christ through his suffering, death, and resurrection, entering into deeper communion with him through prayer, fasting, and acts of charity

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