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Mar Joseph Srampickal

Mar Joseph Srampickal’s biography provides a comprehensive overview of his diverse roles, educational contributions, and significant positions within the church and academic institutions. 

Academic and Ecclesiastical Journey:

  1. Educational Background:

    • Completed postgraduate studies in Political Science (M.A.).
    • Completed teacher training (B.Ed.).
    • Joined Good Shepherd Minor Seminary Karoor on 1st June 1992.
    • Ecclesiastical studies at Paurasthya Vidhyapitham, Vadavathoor (B.Ph.) and Urban University Rome (B. Th. and Licentiate in Biblical Theology).
    • Studied at the University of Oxford, England, UK (2001) and earned a Master’s in Oriental Theology (M.S.T).
    • Received a Master’s in Education (M.Ed) from Mangalore University, Karnataka in 2002.
  2. Ordination and Ministry:

    • Ordained on 12th August 2000.
    • Assisted the Vicar, St. Alphonsa Parish, Mangalore, Karnataka, India (Diocese of Belthangady) between 2001-2002.
  3. Formator and Spiritual Leadership:

    • Formator at Good Shepherd Minor Seminary, Palai, for two years (2002-2004).
    • Formator at Mar Ephrem Formation Centre, Palai, Kerala, India (2010).
    • Served as the spiritual father at Mar Sleeva College of Nursing and Mar Sleeva Students’ Hostel, Cherpumkal, Palai, Kerala, India (2005-2010).
  4. Directorial and Administrative Roles:

    • Director of Evangelisation Programmes and Basic Christian Communities and prayer houses at Narianganam & Maridom of the Diocese of Palai (2010-2012).
    • Founder director of Mount Nebo Theological Study Centre, Vagamon (2012).
    • Secretary to the Bishop of the Diocese of Palai (2012 – 2013).
    • Founder Director, Mar Sleeva College of Nursing and Mar Sleeva Students’ Hostel, Cherpumkal, Palai (2005-2010).
    • Secretary of the Palai Diocesan Medical Education Trust (2005-2013).
  5. Educational Contributions:

    • Lecturer of Philosophy and Education, St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Palai, Kerala, India (2004-2005).
    • Taught Bible, English, and Political Science in various institutions.
  6. Event Coordination:

    • General Convener of the 28th & 29th Diocesan Bible Convention, Bharanganam, Kerala (2010 & 2011).
    • Publicity Committee Chairman for the Missionary Meet of the Diocese of Palai (2012).
    • Chairman, Publicity Committee for the 30th Bible Convention of the Diocese of Palai (2012).
  7. Communications and Spokesmanship:

    • Became the Spokesman of the Diocese of Palai (2012-2013).
  8. International Role:

    • Vice-Rector of Collegio Urbano De Propaganda Fide, Rome, Italy, from 1st September 2013.
    • Appointed as the first Bishop of the Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Great Britain.
  9. Global Outreach:

    • Extensive travel in Europe and the Middle East, reflecting a commitment to the global mission of the church.

Mar Joseph Srampickal’s multifaceted journey involves a rich blend of academia, pastoral leadership, educational contributions, and active participation in various administrative and event coordination roles. His international exposure and extensive travel underscore his commitment to the global outreach of the Syro-Malabar Church.