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Christ, as a symbol of enlightenment and faith

On this third Sunday of Easter, the church invites us to celebrate the living Christ, who is our advocate. Through his death and resurrection, he advocates for us. Ignorance and doubt keep us in fear and darkness, while Christ illumines and strengthens our faith.

Ignorance and doubt are like shadows that obscure our path and hinder our progress. When we are ignorant, we lack understanding and knowledge, which can lead to fear and uncertainty about the world around us and our place in it. Doubt further exacerbates this condition by casting suspicion on our beliefs and abilities, sowing seeds of insecurity and hesitation.

In contrast, Christ, as a symbol of enlightenment and faith, offers illumination and strength to those who follow his teachings. Through Christ, believers find clarity amidst confusion, and their faith becomes a source of inner light that guides them through life’s challenges. His teachings provide a foundation of truth and wisdom, empowering individuals to overcome fear and darkness with courage and conviction.

Ultimately, the contrast between ignorance and doubt on one hand, and the illumination and strength provided by Christ on the other, underscores the transformative power of faith. Through faith in Christ, believers can find liberation from fear and darkness, embracing a life characterized by hope, love, and spiritual fulfilment.

Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Thomas Mani (87), George Kakkassery (75) Thomas Chummar (81) P V Varghese Punnackapadavil (88)

Thresyamma Mani (73)

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