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our chosen charity for the year 2024

DEEPTI FOUNDATOIN is a registered charitable trust committed towards the empowerment and strengthening of the underprivileged, suffering, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society. We provide education and healthcare, which will improve their quality of life and enhance human dignity and self-reliance. Patients with chronic diseases are provided with better medical assistance.

At Najafgarh, bordering to the state of Hariyana, Deepti Foundation (DF) has a boarding house for the children infected with HIV/AIDS. Up to March 2013, Deepti Ashram was a Community Care Centre (CCC) for HIV /AIDS infected people supported by Government. Before having our own building in our own land it was working in a rented house in the vicinity of Najafgarh. Along with this Care and support centre we 

were running a boarding house for the HIV infected children. But the Government support for CCC was unexpectedly stopped in March 2013 all over India. So many infected people were badly affected by this decision. But looking in to the felt need and request of many people we decided to continue the boarding house for the infected children even after the support for CCC was stopped. Here we take care of the physical, psychological, social, health, spiritual and educational needs of the children. Many of them are orphans having nobody to care for them. Some of them have either parents but are very sick and poor. All of them are under heavy medication like ART and are to be cared with nutritious food. They are having serious psychological problems as they are away from their family. They are viable to get any disease as their immunity power is very low compared to normal children. They are all attending Government school. Children are happy and feel at home with the care we give them.


Deepti Foundation (DF), since its inception in the year 2003 by the Catholic Priests belonging to the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle (MST) has been working towards improved living conditions for better and healthier lives for the people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. DF thus under the guidance and stewardship of MST Priests, has been doing effective works in the fields of awareness, education, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS infected and affected women and children and community care centers in different parts of Delhi.

Our thrust has always been for the protection of infected and affected women and children since they are the most vulnerable to the outbreak of HIV/AIDS. Its services that

has ensured the well being and improved living of people, infected and affected women and children, are acknowledged by all. Our activities have a range of services which include care, treatment and support depending on the progression and stage of infection, services of Community Care Centers (CCC) for treatment of opportunistic infections and provision of psychosocial support through counseling, empowerment and various capacity building programs for infected and affected women, educational and nutritional assistance to children and also enable PLWHAs to access ART along with steps for positive prevention. DF has teams of trained and dedicated staff, such as, Medical Officers and Staff, Paramedical Workers, Health Educators, Counselors, Physiotherapists, Educators and Trainers. We give below a brief on some of our activities, which has been in the congested clusters of east and central Delhi:-

  • Treatment via Community Care Centers.
  • Awareness, Education and Home Based Care.
  • Counseling, ICTC & PPTCT Services.
  • Information and Drop in Centers.
  • Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Programs.
  • Microfinance and Self Help Groups.
  • CapacityBuildingand Empowerment Programs.
  • Income Generation and Community Based Rehabilitation Units.
  • Educational and Nutritional Assistance.
  • Care Home for the Infected Orphaned Children.
  • Facilitations and Referrals.
  • Collaborations and Networking with the Government and other Social Service Societies.



Deepti Foundation, Delhi focuses on safeguarding the children involved in rag picking in the area, Balaswa Dairy, Delhi-42. The initiative is named as Gyansarovar where education for children at different age group along with the developmental issues with respect to the condition they live in is given priority. People in the area being poverty stricken and illiterate are assisted both in formal and non-formal education system. Children are given non-formal basic education with respect to their age/calibre Through Child Resource Centres regular training for the parents help them to understand the changes their children are coping up. This improves the quality of their life. We also help them to enrol themselves in the nearby government/ private schools. We address the issues related to community in the area through organizing Children’s Parliament and Adolescent Groups, where they are empowered with best possible option to resolve the community issues.


Poverty is the reason why all these children go for rag picking. Normally these children depend on money they get by collecting rags throughout the day to buy food. We get these children to our centre and serve them free nutritious food which not only improves their health but also motivates them to study and gain knowledge.


We create awareness to the communities and the people suffering from/ living with HIV/AIDS. Through awareness centres we provide them with information and also counsel them how to face the stigma related issues. We organise welfare activities for the high risk groups that are really problematic to various atmospheres and provide access to health facilities. We provide counselling facilities for the high risk groups along with awareness programs that help them gain self-confidence and self-dignity. This group is economically empowered through skill training and income generation activities. We conduct awareness programs and surveillance on their infection through preventive care for the opportunistic infections and their early treatment.


Children affected and infected with HIV are very vulnerable to the atmosphere and the environment. These children have a very low immune system and they tend to restrict themselves from all activities. Deepti Foundation provides nutritional support and education to these kids so that they are in their best possible health condition to fight against the infection as well as social stigma. They are also provided with regular schooling so that they will be able to lead a life of independence later in life.


This program aims at empowering women and children, as it leads to their economic independence for a healthier lifestyle. We help to enhance their self-dignity and respect of children involved in waste collection, and to create opportunities for their families to improve their socio-economic situation. Changing the mindset of people towards women and sexuality, accompanied by upholding faithfulness towards their life-partner has also been the focus of these activities. Here women are given skill based training so as to earn their living. Children are given basic education to get them involved into the formal education system. They are given vocational training like mehendi designing, tailoring and beautician courses so that they can live their life with confidence


At Deepti Ashram, Najafgarh we take care of the HIV infected/affected children as well as the children from those families involved in rag picking. Our aim is to safeguard the interest and dreams of these children to live a fruitful and healthy life in future. We believe in developing and implementing the child protection measures to improve their lifestyle and provide shelter to enhance their situation. Here we help the children in the various aspects of their social, psychological and physical development.


The HIV infected children are taken care of as they are very vulnerable due to their health condition. Children are given education and skill development training so as to get admitted into a better workspace to earn their living. Children tend to bond with people without any stigma and isolation from the society due to their illness. Proper medication and nutrition are provided to these children.


The children are taken care of with an aim of their holistic development. Due to the poor family condition and the male domination in the society, these children usually get affected in various aspects. They are deprived of quality education and better living conditions. They also become victims of exploitation, physical and sexual abuse. Hence the hostel provides them with the basic care and education. Here they are enrolled into the formal education system that helps them grow mentally strong.